The cat went out for a walk in the fresh spring yard and picks a few beautiful flowers on the way to his favorite tree in the park. But on the way pests appear and they blocking the path and biting painfully. What should our cat do? Cat needs to learn how to jump! So the cat start jumping to avoid all obstacles and reach his cherish dream! Bask in the sun under his favorite tree in the park!

This game made for PP Jam #3.


  • Space — Jump 
  • A — Move Left
  • D — Move Right
  • ←  Move Left
  • → Move Right  

Dev Team:

Developer ->

Game Designer ->

Artist ->

Music  -> pistoletito

Good luck!

Published 29 days ago
AuthorsTitleChanQWERTY, AndrewRain, G00rman
Tags2D, Cats, Cute, Pixel Art


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I like the art, and the story